"Semantics of the Void" Karla Osorio Gallery, Brasilia, Brazil. September 4, 2017.

All images © Roland Gebhardt, courtesy of Karla Osorio Gallery.

Excerpt from the curatorial text, written by Biagio d'Angelo (Italian Curator PhD in Visual Arts and literature University of Venice Ca’Foscari Theacher of Theory, Critic and Art History at University of Brasília):

The works of Gebhardt, which integrate the first generation of minimalists, arrive in Brazil for the first time. This is a unique opportunity to meet an artist who, after a gap of four decades dating from the origin of minimalism, continues to develop conceptual art, moved by his own emotion and creed. It seems to us that not only the uniqueness but also the originality of Gebhardt exist in a minimalism that we would venture to name “hermeneutic”, that is to say, a form of comprehending the artistic language, especially, the sculpture, as a dialogue between the subject and the work of art; in other words, between two or more identities, that when positioned in front of each other, try to comprehend themselves, without eliminating their invisibilities irretrievably present and inescapable.

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