8 One-day Exhibits, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf
December 11-19, 1982

The materials for each piece were procured and each piece was produced, installed and photographed before the museum opened every morning at 10:00 am.

Polaroid photographs of each day's piece were mounted next to that day's concept drawing. The fruit and vegetables where removed upon closing at 5:00 pm and donated to deserving institutions.

Notes to the Concept as it applies to the work in this exhibition

A linear void placed into a volume is a sculptural interpretation of the form of that volume: it represents abstract information about the volume.

A linear void spanning multiple volumes establishes a relationship between those volumes, connecting and controlling the orientation of the volumes to each other. When this vocabulary is applied to multiple volumes and voids, the void is the connecting and identifying element in constellations of volumes: it is the DNA of the sculpture.

When the host volume is a boulder, or any other natural form, the placement of the void(s) and resulting descriptive characteristics are man-made, permanent information within objects we perceive as aesthetically complete.

For the work in this exhibition, the vocabulary of the concept is consistent with an added dimension. When the host volume is fruit, vegetables or other perishable material, the void remains as permanent information as the volume decays. Thus, the original abstract information provided by the linear void is permanent and iconographic.

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