A Story Told Twice explores alternate visual and narrative possibilities of the same story viewed from two or more different perspectives. It is proposed as a series of performances staged over the course of a year. Each performance will make use of the interaction between shadows and light/projections using a temporary outdoor or indoor structure.

At the heart of the technical concept is large shadow theatre screen that can be illuminated from both sides. A shadow cast from the back of the screen becomes the projection area for an image on the front of the screen, or shadows from both sides can interact. Viewing areas on each side of the screen will allow two separate audiences to enjoy dramatically different visual aspects of the same performance. In between performances, improvised audience participation using the medium will be encouraged.

The concept is to solicit performance proposals from artists, writers, musicians, dancers, performers, community groups, schools, and the public in general. Performances can be abstract or narrative in nature. The broadest interpretations of A Story Told Twice will be encouraged, as will the experimental development of story and imagery.

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