Layers (I am X) is a multimedia, multidisciplinary exploration of how new information is perceived through the filters and layers of experience. Conceived by Roland Gebhardt, the piece explores how memory influences the evolution of individual identity in a narrative that will be presented to the public in an experimental black-box environment. I am X will be workshopped during an eight-week residency at 3LD Art and Technology in New York City, in 2012. The residency will culminate public presentations of the piece.

The following are collaborating with Roland Gebhardt, Creative Director, on the project:

Rebecca Bannor-Addae - Writer
Helle Lyshøj - Video Design
Niels Rønsholdt - Composer
Ljuba Castot - Movement Coach/Performer
David Tirosh - Programming/Lighting
Geoff Smyth - Project/Production Manager

Working with these artists, Roland will develop a narrative which presents a female character traveling through this cubist reality, evoking a universal sensation of the evolution of identity.

The images above were created inside a scale model of the experimental black box environment.

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