Installation shots from the "Conversations" solo exhibition at Tempo Rubato, March 4 - April 23, 2017

All images © Roland Gebhardt, courtesy of Tempo Rubato.

“Conversations” (Gallery Announcement):

Tempo Rubato is pleased to announce Roland Gebhardt’s first solo exhibition in New York since 1978. On this occasion, the minimalist artist will be presenting a selection of brand new an vintage pieces, highlighting a remarkable sense of continuity within a rich body of work spanning over 5 decades. Applying incisions to host materials and volumes as eclectic in nature as paper, stone, wood, metal or even vegetables, Gebhardt introduces constellations that are akin to DNA variations into materials often seen as naturally complete. In doing so, he infuses his medium with quiet, yet powerfully evocative layers of interconnectivity, correlation, dependence and tension. Using a tightly economized use of geometry, Gebhardt effectively makes visible patterns of recognition within groups, addressing the very nature of social identities within their confines.

(Text written by Guillaume Rouchon, Tempo Rubato)

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