On June 26, 2014 Trophies was performed at the Jack Hanley Gallery, 327 Broome Street in New York City. The performance was choreographed by Mercedes Searer and featured the music of Moondog performed by Louis Nicolia and Half Moon Consort.

You can see video excerpts from the performance here

This production was presented by LakeArts Foundation

Producer: Margaret Johnson
Artistic Director: Roland Gebhardt
Moondog Music Director: Louis Nicolia
Choreographer: Mercedes Searer

Concept and Masks
Roland Gebhardt

Louis Nicolia (violin, ocarina etc.)
Sonny Froman (trimba)
Andrija Andjelic (piano)
Rebecca Wunch (horns)
James Pearson (cello)

Mercedes Searer
Macklin Kowal
Alexander Leslie Thompson

Steve Lafreniere
Ron Lasko

Thomas Lohse
Christopher Lucka

Christopher Lucka

Press reviews and Comments:

"It was a compelling, moving, thought provoking piece. . . .the dancers were spare, yet powerful and engaging. . . . I hope it might reach a greater audience and critical acclaim". Ingrid Caruso

" I was enthralled with the elegance of this idea . . .I was enveloped in the multi-sensory moment of these white, abstract forms coming to life to the music and movement, only to be taken [by the trophy collector] and placed on the wall. . .This is perfect for so many young people to explore". Sandra Kay, PhD.

Trophies is a unique collaboration between sculpture, dance and music that explores issues of identity and transformation from living being to hunter's trophy. Collecting trophies is a common social pursuit. Objects of perceived and real value are used as icons to express one's identity. Trophies are currency of social stature. In this performance piece, establishing and collecting hunting trophies serve as an analogy.

The piece premiered in February 2014 at the Erie Art Museum in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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